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3 Resources That Will Make You A Better Leader

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Research is one of the most powerful tools you could ever use while investing in yourself. It is a discrete form of ‘asking around’ on how to do things better. How to produce more, or how to lead the best team. Perhaps you have all the technology you need; e.g. a global service desk at your work – but it’s not enough to control and run the personnel. You need people skills and knowledge. Actually, I used to be at an IT consulting company and they had the worst leader – because they all valued the tech over people.  

As you realize that you’re on the way to becoming a better leader, because you stumbled on this article while researching, you’re welcome. Landing here only means one thing; you are ready to take the first step to become a great leader. Getting into the following resources may take your knowledge and skills to a whole new level. Braise yourself as we talk through the remarkable resources you need to consume – to become a better leader at work.


Napoleon research for this book lasted for over a decade, just to get it published. While he spoke a lot about the road to success, he specifically wrote about its pillars. One of them is the existence of common failures we commit, which are usually the very root of every success story. As part of Napoleon’s research, he had analyzed several men and women, and 98% of them had experienced failures at some point in their life. But alas! The book is not about that. It is about the concept of growth. Growing from each failure. To “rise again” may seem easy, being written as the first step in recovering. But Napoleon Hill gives all the encouraging words for motivation. Moreover, he emphasizes the humble attitude of successful people, which is good to remember as well.

  • TED talks

Conceived by Richard Saul Wurman in February 1984 as a conference, TED Conferences, LLC is a media organization that publishes and posts talks online for free. Following the slogan, “ideas worth spreading”, it gave birth to something beautiful for the people who crave education. While it provides the platform for different kinds of people, from all walks of life, to share just about anything, it’s a good resource to consider if you aim to change for the better in general. As you strive to be better in leading specifically, a large number of leaders share their experiences made available on YouTube, Podcasts, and their channels that may be accessed by streaming services. Their topics are categorized according to the types of talks they showcase. They are (1) the big idea, (2) the “issue” talk, (3) the performance, (4) the tech demo, (5) the artists’ statement, (6) the dazzle with wonder and (7) the small idea.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a preacher of anything motivational, straight to the point and of the monumental truth about selling on the internet. He talks about usual experiences, ideas, failures and passion. He had been through a lot of failures but it didn’t stop him from sharing how important it is to do the first step. From there he encourages you to open your eyes to the tools that are given to you to magnify your influence. To showcase your product and to realize how much potential you’ve got. He invites you to soar high with your ideas, to implement them and to give it time. He emphasizes the basics, he makes you realize what you’re doing wrong and he discourages hypocrisy that to be successful, you have to come from a rich family. He says it could help but it’s all a matter of how do you start if you’re given means to do so. From realizing how powerful social marketing is, he is driven to aid entrepreneurs in bringing out their brand to the public through social media. At age 44, he has written 5 books that made him a New York Bestseller. He also owns a company called Vayner Media and is worth over US$50million.

These 3 trending resources could give you the answers you need. But no matter how many are enlisted here, inspiration will stay as is if you don’t act on it. Make it tangible, choose to be productive. It all boils down to you deciding that one day, you’ll be successful. Or why not start today, and assign it as Day 1.

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