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Business success through adept leadership

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Is being a leader a destiny? A calling? Or a role to fulfil? Is it something attainable given enough time to get trained for? Or just another set of skills that only the privileged can have?

Even ants know that being a leader is not for everybody. While we perform the responsibilities expected of the role we consider ours, there are those who are just born to lead. But what does it take to become one?

Ability to take responsibility.

Leaders were once followers. When they know how to take their responsibility of being obedient, participative and cooperative, more likely, they would become an effective leader. This is what Gary Vaynerchuk mentioned about clouds and dirt. Before you become something (clouds), you need to know perseverance, grit, and hard work (dirt).

Ability to delegate.

According to Brigette Hyacinth, “Great leadership isn’t about control, more so, empowering people.” And that’s what delegation is about. You don’t just lead but you also teach them. You are a true leader if you honestly want younger ones to rise up from who and what they were before. You keep the bottle half-filled so that they could develop the necessary skills in filling it up all the way. Metaphorically speaking, don’t give the necessary knowledge for them to succeed in a silver spoon. Allow space for them to grow and let them swim on their own. This helps enhance and develop your leadership skills.

Ability to participate.

Owning skills in communicating effectively is the key to resolving many issues. On top of that, you should remain approachable and willing to listen. Get involved in moments that a leader should be present so that there’s that one single authoritative voice to follow.

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Ability to bend the rules.

A good leader knows when to be strict and when to be considerate. Different kind of situations, call for a specific approach. A leader’s strength is the people it leads. If he wouldn’t prioritize on making them satisfied, he will have nobody to lead. While many leaders are followed because of fear. But wouldn’t it be better if leaders would be followed because of respect? And the best way to earn that is to see the people it leads to being important, hat they are capable of having families, and that they are not robots.

Ability to listen.

There are so many empires that fell and got damaged because their leaders were not good listeners. Two ears and just one mouth should ring a bell that we ought to listen more to learn more. Learn more to be able to strategize effectively. Strategize so that you won’t be blind-sided. This assurance comes along with a simple action. Listening.

Ability to attain goals.

Being a leader may be perceived respectable if, they have had at least a history of accomplishments, talents or something extraordinary about them. Some sort of expertise or special quality. Also, leaders do something extra. Some are just driven to take the challenge but in general, they just live for the learning they will gain from the experience.

Ability to consider a different perspective.

Humility. True leaders possess this. And it usually reflects the way they acknowledge their weaknesses and asks help to resolve it. Leaders look at all angles in arriving at a plan, strategy, resolution and retribution in order to achieve a high-performance team. If need be, leaders also consider what works for the majority. With high regard for the voice of the people, a leader is hailed more than ever.

Ability to foresee.

Because of having a fair share of both achievements and failures, a leader learns how to listen to their intuition. Based on the experiences, maturity and many engagements, they developed the necessary skill of judging people based on their actions, behaviours, and patterns and not on the words that they say. This could take time but it’s just going to saying, the ability to foresee is an enhanced logic at work.

Ability to say No.

One thing that a leader knows how to do was to say No when necessary. Being a people-pleaser won’t make a leader loved and remembered. That quality, unfortunately, may lead to something disastrous because love doesn’t hurt, expectations do.

Now here are 9 qualities that would help you determine if you are destined to be a leader or not. Complete it with your own best quality to make it 10, a perfect score for a perfect leader.

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