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Mechanics involved in Exhibition centres

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Exhibition display

Exhibition centres are expected to be huge by area. These venues and convention areas cater to a massive number of attendees, participants, delegates, and traders which are from all over the world. With the booths they put up in no time, it’s amazing to have tools that could help out in building it up and putting it down easily and at a faster pace. 

New measures in assuring sanitary environment, most especially on closed areas like several exhibition centres, are undeniably needed. Hosts should consider and honour air compressors as a tool for those who are to put up their displays and booths. The thing is, there are a lot of uses for an air compressor besides being one of the construction materials and cleaning equipment which makes it very handy to have.

Before we go through the uses of air compressors, let’s understand what is it first.

What is the main purpose of an air compressor?

In general, a compressor is a mechanical device that reduces the volume of a gas to increase the pressure it contains. They are similar to pumps in which increased pressure is applied to fluid for it to go through a pipe.


An air compressor is a specific type of a gas compressor in which it is a device that converts power into potential energy using diesel, an electric motor, or gasoline engine. This potential energy is stored as compressed air, where the more air stored into the storage tank, the higher the pressure it creates.

Some common uses of air compressors that you may have encountered one way or another are the following:

  1. Adding air into the bike or car tires
  2. Painting vehicles
  3. Spraying crops with pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers
  4. Dental apparatus using for oral prophylaxis
  5. Cleaning places or roads with high pressure compressed air
  6. One that powers nail guns.

Is it good to invest in one?

Looking at the advantages air compressor gives its users, it’s a win-win situation considering its long-term benefits.

Firstly, it doesn’t use electricity. This means a tool using compressed air for power is much safer to have. You are looking at the risk of sparks, tool short-circuiting, and electrocution when you use electric power tools. Also, pneumatic tools are much smaller and lightweight.

Now, in choosing the air compressors to use, it depends on how it will be utilized during the entire exhibition.

  1. Senco PC1010 Air Compressor

Looking for a lightweight, highly portable air compressor? This particular product is the best, overall, for it only weighs 20 lbs. to begin with. This very quality makes it one of the lightest in the market, therefore, most portable. No problem if you need to install it indoors because it’s not loud at all. It is an oil-less compressor which enables you to save more time and money during the machine’s life-span because of being low-maintenance. It may run with a one-gallon tank only, but it comes with a one-year warranty assuring you of security.

  • PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

Now if that small tank is just not enough, PORTER-CABLE C2002 Portable has a much larger one that can hold 6 gallons of air. An additional 11 pounds add up to the weight of the previous model but this is due to the powerful motor it has. So, with this additional pounds comes a capacity 6 times of the former model. But, its weight is still lower, following a gallon-per-pound ratio. No need to oil this machine because it contains an oil-free motor as well. With the money you get to save each time you use it, it is the best choice considering its value. If you need to add some accessories to it, you can pay a bit more but it may come challenging because of compatibility. Still, considering its price, this is the most advisable if you are looking for the most affordable powerhouse.

  • California Air Tools 8010 Air Compressor

There are just those times that you will need something bigger like in exhibition centres. That’s why an eight-gallon tank of the California Air Tools 8010 Air Compressor may be the best solution. No need to panic as it comes with a wheel kit anyway, but it may require assembly. All you need to allot is time with this one since it’s an oil-free pump too which reduces the least amount of maintenance, making it a great companion in cold weather. For a durable and great-performing machine that produces only 60 decibels of noise, this is extraordinarily quiet adding up to its best qualities. Powerful than the first two mentioned but not the most powerful amongst all choices. It’s great to use since it takes no time filling it up as soon as its engine starts, making it the best-wheeled model in the list.

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