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The right time for a management coach

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Coaching is an integral part of the performance-led culture and the continuous development with widespread application.

It is a process and also a solution at the same time. It is a mechanism for enabling an organisation to meet the most competitive pressures and the plan for succession, and add to change.

Here are some examples of when it is an ideal time to seek management coaching:

There are many organisation situations where coaching is needed as a development intervention.

Talent shortages: when an organisation is suffering from a skill shortage, money can be better off spent in developing the skills of the current employees through different interventions, and the top one is coaching.

Small or fast-growing companies: people who set up a small business don’t often have the skills to manage the larger businesses and the ever-growing number of people they need to be employing. It is not suited for them to be away from their work for significant periods for development activities. Coaching can offer timely, targeted development on the identified areas that can be slotted into the individual’s busy schedule. If you are working in a small tech startup or a small creative tech company, network with other likeminded people who can help you out. There are plenty of people out there.

Delivering performance improvement: Organisations should only invest in coaching when they think that it will bring them significant improvements in the individual’s performance. Internal coaching should be happening on the daily, whenever necessary – this may not be anything major. Still, tiny little coaching sessions along the way should be present in almost every workplace.

Changing behaviour in a short period of time: Organisations most often will only invest in coaching if they believe there are issues that need to be addressed ASAP.

During the times of organisational changes: Major organisations change period will require significant shifts in the attitudes and behaviours of some staff members to help them fit in with the new cultures of structures. Management coaching can help individuals make the changes needed.

Changes in the job role: Coaching can help management individuals when they are moving to a new job that asks different skills and abilities. Coaching can be a valuable short-term intervention to help those adapt and cope.

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Supporting expatriates: coaching can offer different support for the expatriates who need to adjust to new cultures and countries. These type of people will have individual requirements, and they may need support when issues arise.

Developing the skills of valuable experts: when certain staff have high levels of specific skills and experience, the company might have trouble replacing human capital. In this situation, it can be appropriate to give coaching to these managers to help them develop and improve the other skills they have so that their careers can move higher within the company. Retention can increase in this circumstance, providing you can keep the individual happy and content with their workplace.

Support for the senior executives and future leaders: the top executives are being prepared for leadership roles and maybe hesitating to attend the training courses as they feel they should already have the expertise and the skills. When this situation occurs, the coaching can be a suitable intervention as it is personal, confidential and safe. It is a development option that an individual can use to help them to develop.

Most companies will know when to bring in a management coach but most common are the reasons listed above, but there may be other issues/problems that a management coach can help with as well. There is no doubt when they are needed, they work well, and the outcome is most often what is anticipated.

Not always does it have to be a major thing to bring a coach into the business, it can just be a matter of networking. Perhaps there is something that you can get from someone at a tech conference networking event somewhere, where you can develop a partnership and have different information to offer each other.

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