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Top 6 Things Employers Look For In A Resume

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Engineering internship resume

 You can easily spend a few hours, days or weeks-on your resume. But will all this hard work produce a resume that matches what the employer seeks? A successful resume is more than just showing your job. It matches the expectations of recruiters and hiring managers, and clearly shows that you are well suited for the role. Here are some things employers look for in a resume. This insight will help you ensure that your resume meets the expectations and wishes of the employer.

Easy to read

Your resume should be written in a moderately sized, easy-to-read font with normal-sized margins. Make sure that you don’t make your potential interviewers think that your writing skills are not good enough, be clear with your details. Be sure that your resume is easy to read both on the screen and in the hard copy printed out.

Scanning ability

Although you should choose the best verbs for your resume, and make sure everything is perfect, know that very few hiring managers read your resume. Instead, they are quickly scanning the page looking for keywords, positions and main facts, and if you fit the position, they will be displayed. Make it easy for employers to find this valuable information-including enough white space between rows and edges to make it scannable, and focus on relevant information.


The employer’s primary goal is to find a qualified candidate. How can you prove that you are trained and the best person for the job? Match your qualifications to the job first – if the employer is looking for detail-oriented people, make sure you can’t go wrong with your organizational skills and ability to manage a large number of projects. If you don’t have relevant experience, consider applying for an internship, such as an engineering internship, a fashion internship or a business internship, depending on the career you would like.

In the job description in your resume, you should not only list daily tasks and responsibilities. Think about it: If you are hired, the employer wants to know what you will accomplish. By showcasing your accomplishments, whether it’s transforming an inefficient system, saving the company money or generating sales revenue, you will let them know your capabilities. And make sure that the most relevant achievements, those that can easily increase the chances of you getting work, are mentioned impressively.

Try To Convey Your Leadership Skills By Your Resume

Leadership is arguably the most important quality in the workplace. Both employers and employees need to focus on leadership. In other words, make sure to highlight the leadership role and title on your resume. Don’t be afraid to add details, such as how many people you manage or what specific steps you have taken to produce team-oriented results and what specific activities you have led, and how things go well when you lead a team.

It may be difficult to get into a leadership role in a well established company, so consider looking for a startup company looking for interns instead.

Startups looking for interns

Coherent Story

When it comes to resumes, relevance is important, to make it as easy as possible for them to understand that you are in their best interest as a candidate. But you should stick to work-related information only.

Use your resume to draw as straight a line as possible between your experience and achievements and the job you want. If possible, try to show your career development. Ideally, the resume should show that each new role brings new challenges and increases responsibilities.


Maybe it is a bit old-fashioned, but there are some traditional formats and styles that can be restored. The employer is looking for whether you can organize a document that can be presented. This is true for all jobs, especially positions where communication and presentation are important. Keep the format consistent throughout the document. Employment managers see a lot of resumes, so they know what to include, such as contact information, education, etc. Ensure that all expected information is in place.

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